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Biden, Other Democrat Comments After Trump’s Syria Strike Are Coming Back to Haunt Them

In 2017, Donald Trump retaliated against attacks carried out against the Syrian people by Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

When he ordered the attacks, Democrats went ballistic, with Joe Biden and White House Press Secretary among those that slammed Trump.

After Biden ordered an airstrike this week, his own words are now being used against him.

Time Changes Everything

We all know Democrats politicized everything that Donald Trump did when he was in office, including moves such as the Syrian attack that normally would have been applauded.

The attack that Trump carried out was justified considering the horrible crimes of Assad, but this was how Biden and company reacted…

The more curious response today was issued by Rep. Omar (D-MN), who seems upset that this attack was carried out, once again bringing up just how loyal she is to this country…

Joe Biden has also called moves made by Trump “erratic” and “impulsive.”

Yet, here we are, with Joe Biden now living in the White House, ordering a similar attack against an Iranian-backed militia stronghold that is based in Syria.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I support this airstrike (I actually think it should have happened several days ago), however, this is not about this particular strike but rather how Democrats politicized attacks such as this when Trump was in office and now they are all quiet as church mice when Biden carries out such an assault.

Remember the outrage when General Soleimani was taken out during a strike?

The hypocrisy here is sickening, yet the media and Democrats continue to get away with pushing these narratives, making Joe Biden out to be some type of hero while they tried to make Trump out to be a monster for literally taking the same actions.

Source: Fox News

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