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Biden Press Office Wants to Charge Reporters for COVID-19 Tests

When the media enters the White House, reporters are now required to take a mandatory COVID-19 test.

The same testing was in place when Trump was in office.

There is one difference now, however.

That difference is that the Biden White House wants reporters to pony up $170 every time they take the test.

Strained Budget

This is just absurd, but it seems to be a way for the White House to cut down on the number of reporters that are drilling Press Secretary Jen Psaki every day.

So, what reason did the White House give for this sudden change?

According to the White House, the daily testing is putting a strain on its budget.

I can’t help but wonder if about $2,000 a day in testing is straining the budget, why the hell is a $1.9 trillion spending bill working its way through Congress?

Source: Daily Caller

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