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Biden Press Secretary Spins Biden Family Ignoring Federal Mask Mandate

We all know that most of the mainstream media is going to give Joe Biden and his team a significant honeymoon in coverage.

Peter Doocy, the new Fox News White House correspondent, is already firing on all cylinders, however.

His simple question showed all of America just how much spin we can expect from the Biden administration right out of the gate.

Rules for Thee, Not for Me

Within hours of signing a national mask mandate order, Joe Biden and several members of his family completed ignored the order.

As I stated yesterday, even though there are specific exemptions listed in the order, Joe Biden should not be looking toward those exceptions already.

If he sets the order, he and his family should be masked up at all times, period.

Biden himself has talked about people in power of positions setting the example, yet he and numerous family members blatantly ignored the mask mandate.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy called out Press Secretary Jen Psaki on this right out of the gate, and this was how she responded…

Notice that last exchange…

Doocy:  “Was that a good example for people watching?”

Psaki: “I think we have bigger issues to worry about at this moment in time.”

Think about how insulting and dismissive that is to the American people.

This is now Joe Biden’s world, patriots, we are just living in it.

Source: Fox News

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