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Biden-Sanders Unity Platform: $15 Minimum Wage, Reparations, Halt Deportations

With every passing day, it seems to be more and more apparent that while Joe Biden is the nominee, it will be people like Bernie Sanders pulling the strings in a Biden administration.

Over the last few weeks, Biden has been saying things and making moves that prove that if elected, he will be nothing more than puppet placeholder for the far left.

The Sanders’ Influence

When Bernie Sanders bowed out of the presidential race, he did so with some stipulations.

Sanders wanted to remain on the ballot and hold his delegates.

This was done so he would have more of a say in the shaping of a Biden administration.

Sanders is not only contributing ideas, but it is his platform that now seems to be at the forefront of the Joe Biden agenda.

There may be a few differences, but the half dozen or so task forces created by Biden and Sanders clearly show one of the more progressive platforms we have seen in decades.

On working with Biden to create a more progressive agenda, Sanders stated, “I was glad to work with the vice president in forming six separate task forces.

“Which had some of the most knowledgeable people in the country coming together to deal with education and climate change and health care and the economy and criminal justice and immigration reform.

“And these folks, needless to say, the people who represented the progressive movement had a different perspective on things than did Biden’s people. … I think the compromise that they came up with, if implemented, will make Biden the most progressive president since FDR.

“It did not have, needless to say, everything that I wanted, didn’t have everything that Biden wanted, but there is no question that, on some of the major issues facing this country, if that agenda is implemented, life will improve for tens and tens of millions of working people.

“It will improve for our environment and for climate change, criminal justice, and for the needs of low-income people.”

Those are some pretty strong words from Sanders and when you look at the actual agenda, it shows it is time for conservatives to hit the panic button.

What Will a Biden Presidency Look Like?

Looking up and down the proposed agenda, there are a few things that stand out that are far more worrisome than others.

On the economic front, they want to raise the minimum wage to $15. Now, I am all for people making more money, but the reality is that most businesses that pay minimum wage cannot afford to double payroll overnight.

I have zero doubt if they go for such a significant hike, there will be mass layoffs and/or business closings.

On policing and criminal justice, I am very worried drug offenses will be completely dismissed and we will start to see a national reduction in resources for police departments and other law enforcement agencies.

Immigration is a major problem because Biden wants to give instant amnesty to about 11 million illegals already in this country as well as a path to citizenship. He also wants to increase the yearly caps on various fronts for immigration.

This will not only drive wages down and increase unemployment, but it will also assure Democrats stay in power at all levels for the foreseeable future. Every immigrant given amnesty and given citizenship is an instant vote for Democrats.

Reparations are also being talked about, which is something I will NEVER get on board with.

Not only is it trillions of dollars but it is asking today’s citizens to “pay” for something that happened centuries ago and that most people currently living in this country have absolutely no ties to.

For instance, my family has not even been in this country for 100 years, so there is no way my tax dollars or anyone in my family should be responsible for picking up this tab (and I am sure that is the case with the majority of Americans).

It is an absurd idea and that money can go to far better causes than just issuing a big fat check to minorities for the sole purpose of buying their vote. Let’s spend the money on community programs or educational/training programs… anything but reparations paid directly to individuals.

These are just some of the highlights but know that AOC is also serving on some of these task forces, so you know she is pushing a far-left agenda.

The really scary thing is that if Biden wins this election, it is a fairly safe assumption that Democrats hold the House and possibly take the Senate.

If Democrats can get a majority of 60 seats in the Senate, every little thought bubble that Democrats have about changing this country becomes law without so much as a peep out of Republicans.

Dangerous times patriots… these are VERY dangerous times.

Sources: Fox News & Breitbart

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