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Biden Stumbles Through Question About Cognitive Testing

Several weeks ago, Joe Biden stated that he has taken a cognitive test and continues to take them all the time.

After it was announced that Trump took one and aced it, he dared Biden to do the same.

That topic was recently broached with Biden, and all Biden did was create far more questions than answers.

Just watch Biden lose it when asked the question, then ramble on about drug tests.

Then, he can’t even make it through the sentence about mental fitness when he is talking about how mentally fit he is!

So, just to be straight, Biden is now saying he never took test, he is refusing to take the test, and the media is not pushing back on it for one second as to his earlier statements about taking the test.

Can you imagine if Trump were in this situation and the outrage that would be taking place right now?!

Yet, this is the best Democrats have.

If this man wins our presidential election, I will have lost faith in not only our political system but on Americans as well.

There simply is no way Joe Biden is fit to be president… NO WAY!

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