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Biden Threatens Air Force Veteran After Being Confronted on Iraq War Vote

Well, we have just seen a new low by Joe Biden but yet more proof he loves to use the death of his son Beau to evoke empathy and get him out of sticky situations.

When an Air Force veteran confronted Joe Biden about his vote on the Iraq war, Biden had nothing to say other than threatening the veteran to not go after his son.

The Altercation

I am honestly not sure where the confrontation took place, but Biden clearly was not prepared to discuss this issue.

When the veteran told Biden that he was disqualified for enabling the war, for having that blood in his hands, Biden was clearly getting angry.

The vet then stated, “My friends are dead because of your policies.”

Biden then stated, “So was my son… was in Iraq, okay? For a year.”

The veteran then told Biden he had no intention of going after his son, at which point Biden angrily waved his finger at the vet and stated, “You better not.”

Biden then turned and started to walk away without ever addressing the actual concerns of the veteran.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that sure sounded like a threat to me.

How About Some Answers, Joe?

First, let me say I absolutely love the fact this vet and his buddy went after Biden like this because this is exactly what we need to do in order to expose this man.

Second, why did Joe Biden not even address or try to address the issue?

If Biden expects to win a significant part of the military vote away from Trump, he is going to have to provide some answers on this issue.

Third, it seemed like Biden was trying to use his son as an out, but Beau Biden did not die in that war.

Beau Biden died from cancer and it had nothing at all to do with the conversation the veteran was trying to have with Biden.

This is the REAL Joe Biden, folks… he refuses to answer the tough questions and when you have him dead to rights, he runs like a coward.

Keep up the good work, patriots, because we will beat this man come November IF he is the nominee and we will expose every dirty little secret he has hiding deep inside that massive closet of his.

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