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Biden’s Lastest Play to Woo the Far-Left

In the midst of one of the worst immigration crisis’ in modern history, Joe Biden is making a massive shift to the left in an effort to lure in more progressive voters.

Biden is now calling on this administration to immediately hand citizenship papers to every DREAMer in the country.

Moving More Left of Center

Biden has always considered himself a middle-of-the-road candidate.

The way he sees it, he has always been the one willing to walk across the aisle for the good of the country.

Now, he is joining his fellow Democrats in trying to alienate President Trump on immigration.

Like every other candidate in the race, Biden now wants to forget about immigration laws and reward those that broke the laws to get into this country.

Using Fear to Motivate

The Democrat party is using a rather interesting tack to push its latest narrative.

They are accusing President Trump of creating fear, yet they are the ones directly responsible for the current problems on the border.

Biden is also throwing in racist accusations against Trump, yet Trump is not the one that lauded the efforts of pro-segregation Democrats.

The real fear in this country is among citizens that are fearing for both their safety and their futures.

If Democrats have their way, every illegal immigrant in this country will be allowed to stay.

We will no longer enforce border security, literally allowing our country to be overrun by the desperate and poor people of Central American countries.

Every city in America will be turned into a slum and a haven for homelessness due to the massive and uncontrolled flow of immigrants.

But, again, that is what Democrats want and need to secure their future.

The more chaos, the more people need their government, and the more willing they will be to turn over the keys to the country to Dems who are offering an unrealistic lifeboat.

Biden is now on board with all of this, proving that center line he claims to walk no longer exist.

Source: Breitbart

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