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Bill Maher’s Stunning Confession about Hillary Clinton

Uber-Liberal Bill Maher made a confession this week I don’t think anyone ever thought they would hear him say.

While appearing on CNN with Chris Cuomo, Barr actually admitted he thought Hillary Clinton committed obstruction of justice.

Know Me Down with a Feather…

Maher, for years, never actually associated himself with a party even though he has been about as far left as you can get.

After Trump won the election, however, Maher openly stated he now considers himself to be a Democrat.

He defended Hillary to no end during the election cycle, but he is now stunningly reversing his prior stance.

While saying he still believes Trump obstructed justice during the Russia probe, he also stated, “She [Hillary] committed obstruction of justice.”

Even Maher had to admit using professional chemicals on a hard drive and taking hammers to phones is something that should not have been overlooked by our Justice Department.

Slamming the Media

That single moment of clear thinking, however, was about as good as it got for Maher.

He more or less blamed the loss of the election on the media.

Maher stated they “over-covered” the story.

We, however, did not hear him made the same admission about how the media covered the Mueller report, which just proves his own bias.

He did, however, take a shot at the mainstream media that was unlike anything we have really heard from an open liberal before.

Maher stated, “We don’t live in the era of news division as loss-leaders like we used to.

“The news division didn’t use to have to make a profit.

“Then, that changed … and in that atmosphere, they’re going to be looking for eyeballs.

“That’s going to be the most important thing, it’s getting people to click, getting people to watch.”

“I don’t trust the media. If that’s the question, that’s my answer.”

That is probably the first time we have heard anyone with a voice like Maher’s saying the mainstream media is tainted.

While we still need to work in his political views, at least it is nice to see Maher finally realized the mainstream media is no better than the latest work of fiction at the book store.

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