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Bizarre Video Surfaces of Philadelphia Muslim Children – ‘We will chop off their heads’

A rather disturbing video surfaced this week exposing the Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic Center in Philadelphia and how it is influencing the next generation of Muslim children.

In the video, the children appear to be doing some type of musical presentation following by a skit or speeches by the children.

When one girl gets the microphone, though, she is literally calling for cutting off the heads of infidels.

Extremist Teachings

The video that was posted online is brief in nature, but the optics on this are not good at all for MAS.

The video itself has been translated by a group called the Middle East Media Research Center (MEMRI).

MEMRI is a watchdog group that actually reached out to Fox News to alert the network of the video.

MEMRI stated, “These are not isolated incidents; they are happening in major centers of the country—including Pennsylvania.”

MAS has more than four dozen chapters throughout the country according to its website, and if this is what is really happening in their centers, it is only going to bring significantly more scrutiny to Muslim organizations such as this.

Here is the video with translations…


For its part, MAS has already announced it is looking into the event that is now blowing up on social media.

The organization has stated the event organizer has already been dismissed.

It further stated the songs were not “properly vetted” before the event and this was “an unintended mistake and an oversight.”

It would really be nice to take this “apology” at face value, but it is hard to do so when organization officials must have been at the event and heard what these children were saying.

Why was the event not stopped dead in its tracks right then and there?

Gets Even More Confusing

On the surface, the MAS website seems as though this would be completely out of the norm.

The website even has a recent article calling out the horrific attack at a San Diego synagogue.

So, how did something like this happen?

How could such radical views be allowed to infiltrate these children without someone realizing what was going on?

After all, there had to be rehearsals, right?

The organization posted a response regarding the video on both its website and Facebook, but both have apparently been taken down for some reason.

Locally, the Philadelphia Anti-Defamation league has also released a statement about the video:

“Children should not be indoctrinated to hate.

“These young people should never have been asked to make speeches and dance and lip-sync to songs that glorify violence against Jews and the State of Israel.

“The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is deeply complex and painful on all sides, and the only chance for a peaceful future is to teach our children to pursue peace.”

We can only hope this event was a mistake, as the organization is calling it, and not the norm, as that is the biggest fear Americans have right now.

We simply cannot have extremists creating an environment where they are promoting extremist beliefs and terrorist behavior on our own soil.

If the Muslim community ever wants to be accepted in this country, their voices need to be ten times louder than anyone else decrying this type of behavior in its communities here in the United States.

In this case, silence is just as bad as endorsing the behavior.

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