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Booker Vows to Eliminate Immigrant Detention by Executive Order

Presidential candidate and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker just proved to America where his real loyalties lie.

In an effort to make a splash and save his floundering campaign, the Democrat candidate unveiled a new plan on Tuesday to virtually eliminate the detention of anyone crossing the border illegally.

First Days in Office

Most presidential candidates layout plans to help their fellow Americans when they first take office.

Candidates are often measured by the plans and actions they say they will take as well as the actions they do take if they win during their first 100 days in office.

Cory Booker’s most immediate plan is to help people breaking the law to enter the country by executive order.

Booker stated, “When kids are being stripped away from their parents and held in cages, I will not wait for Congress to solve this crisis.

“On day one of my presidency, I will take immediate steps to end this administration’s moral vandalism.

“And although there are limits on what we can do to reverse the damage that has already been done to the lives of thousands and to communities across our country, we can put an end to the horror, and turn the page to a new chapter of our history.

“Our country must have an immigration system that reflects our values, not one that strips dignity away from people fleeing danger, threats, and violence.”

Booker has vowed to shut down “inhumane facilities and require all facilities to meet high standards.”

Booker is also willing to provide free counsel to all of these illegals out of our tax dollars.

Making Our Country Unsafe

What Booker is proposing could add more to the problems we are already facing at the border.

If immigrants believe all laws will be killed if a Democrat wins office, more and more of them will flood the border knowing there are no repercussions for breaking the law.

This is a point that was not missed by Dan Cadman, who is a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement official.

Cadman stated, “The truth is that detention of illegal border crossers is a necessity for deterrence — and critically important in order to cut the umbilical between smuggling and massive illegal entry of hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied alien minors and family units.

“Until that is done, the flow will continue unabated, billions of dollars more will flow into the hands of criminal cartels, and many more aliens will fall victim to those cartels, or physically succumb to the harsh circumstances attending their journey northward.

“In their zeal to turn the border into a sponge and at the same time render it impossible even for interior enforcement agents to locate adequate space in which to house deportable alien criminals and undesirables, Democrats are making our communities and our homeland less safe.

“Almost certainly international terrorist groups and hostile foreign intelligence services are watching carefully and assessing the opportunities that this disastrous course presents.”

The sad fact is Booker’s new policy will probably be embraced by liberals and once they latch onto it, you can expect virtually every presidential candidate to propose something very similar.

This all comes about after AOC and other members of Congress toured detention facilities on the border, reporting back conditions and treatment by personnel that have come under considerable scrutiny since she made the allegations.

Her reports were immediately challenged by local Hispanic leadership that had also toured the facilities as well as the Border Patrol officials.

Honestly, right now, we have no idea who is telling the truth or simply embellishing to make political points, but this issue is not going away anytime soon.

This is a carefully orchestrated attack by Democrats to continue this massive push to decriminalize illegal immigration and virtually erase the borders of this country.

Source: Fox News

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