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Both Politico and WaPo Reporting Trump Fake News

We have all seen some serious twisting of the facts, but what both The Washington Post and Politico have done today should get them banned as fake news.

Both outlets are reporting Trump may challenge the constitutionality of the office by refusing to leave power.

Fake News

They are doing this based off a retweet by Trump from Jerry Falwell.

This is the original tweet that was sent out…

President Trump then later went on a bit of a Twitter rant about how Democrats have hindered the administration by blocking him for two years that he will never get back…

Now, at no time has Trump EVER even suggested if he loses the election he will refuse to step down.

Nor has he ever seriously stated he should have his first term extended by two years, as both of these publications are insinuating.

Both publications are making a huge stretch here to say Trump is even considering this, yet, that is what they both did.

The opening line for the Politico story by Quint Forgey is:

“President Donald Trump on Sunday floated the idea of extending his constitutionally limited time in office…”

The Washington Post article by Isaac Stanley Becker’s headline read:

“Claiming two years of his presidency were ‘stolen,’ Trump suggests he’s owed overtime.”

Even If He Wanted To

This is a perfect case of creating fear and misinformation, period.

The fact of the matter is even if Trump wanted to extend his time in office, the ONLY way that could be done is by him winning re-election.

Trump cannot magically wave a wand and extend his presidency and it is shameful for these publications to even hint such a thing is possible.

Honestly, if Trump even proposed something like this, I would be one of the first ones calling him out for it because I happen to believe in the Constitution.

Both of these publications need to be called out for their fake news by the We the People.

We simply cannot allow this to continue to happen, as they are clearly trying to sway voters by creating the perception Trump has completely lost his mind and is ready to turn his presidency into a dictatorship if need be to get his way.

Sources: Politico / The Washington Post

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