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Brakes Slammed on Gowdy Hiring

Last week, the Trump administration appeared to have pulled off the coup of the century in hiring Trey Gowdy.

Those plans are now scrapped, at least for the time being.

Lobbying Laws

Trey Gowdy was being brought on board to become the face of the anti-impeachment movement for Trump.

As such, his primary role was going to be to make TV appearances to appeal to the American people, including lawmakers, on the lack of merit behind this impeachment.

Former lawmakers are prohibited from addressing their former colleagues for one year after leaving office as a lobbyist.

Most would agree that what Gowdy would be doing does not fit the formal definition of a lobbyist, but Gowdy does not want to take any chances in this political climate.

Dems seem to be more than willing to stretch legal definitions when it behooves them to do so, so we cannot really blame Gowdy for being so careful.

As such, he will not officially be joining the Trump team until January 4, when his one-year moratorium will officially be over.


Needless to say, Trump and his campaign team are disappointed they will not have Gowdy in their corner for three more months.

There is considerable work to be done to thwart this impeachment effort and Gowdy’s influence would have played a significant role in doing just that.

The question, now, though, is who is going to serve as the face of the campaign on this issue.

Up until this point, it had been Rudy Giuliani, but insiders have started some rumors that Giuliani was often doing more harm than good.

Now, with a reported probe being opened up into Giuliani, the administration can ill-afford to have him be the frontman.

At this time, the campaign has not hinted as to who will take on this role over the next three months while Gowdy waits for calendar to roll over.

Source: Fox News

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