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BREAKING REPORT: Dallas Chief of Police Reneé Hall Resigns

Reneé Hall, at least in my opinion, has been a failure from Day One in office.

She took over for Chief Brown, who had been the Chief of Police from 2010 to 2016.

Her three years in office were challenging, to say the least, but after losing the support of local officials after the June 1 protest on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, she has tendered her resignation.

Good Riddance

The events that played up to Hall’s resignation show nothing but failure.

Once considered one of the safest major cities in this country, 2019 was one of the most violent years Dallas has seen in about a decade and 2020 was on pace to be even worse.

After George Floyd’s arrest, Hall let rioters run wild throughout the city, allowing them to destroy many downtown businesses…

On June 1, there was a protest on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge…

Eventually, police did move in and make arrests, using non-lethal rounds and chemical weapons against protesters…

How the officers conducted those arrests became an instant controversy for Hall, one she tried to explain the following day…

That, however, did not fly with city officials that installed failed policies that have allowed Dallas to deteriorate to the next Detroit, Chicago, or Philadelphia.

Hall, who arrived in Dallas by way of being Deputy Chief of Police of Detroit, has never performed adequately, but, to be honest, the deck was stacked against her with the current administration of the city.

She is but one of many city officials that need to be replaced. Unfortunately, the only way to get most of them out is to vote them out.

You can read more about Hall’s resignation on the Dallas Morning News.

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