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British Prime Minister Stuns Democrats with Announcement About Iran Nuclear Deal

Democrats believe Trump walking away from the Iran deal was a massive mistake that made the Middle East less stable.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, however, just had a little to say about that and it is going to infuriate every Democrat in office right now.

Do the Trump Deal

During a recent interview on BBC Breakfast, Johnson hinted the Iran deal that Obama made was not all strawberries and whipped cream.

He pointed out several flaws in the deal, most notably that it expires.

Rather than pout over the fact the old deal was flawed, though, he would prefer to move on and get a new deal in place as soon as possible with Trump.

Johnson stated, “President Trump is a great deal maker, by his own account and others.

“Let’s work together to replace the JCPOA and get the Trump deal instead.”

Interesting Timing

The fact Johnson made these comments after a British ambassador was detained by Iran for participating in a vigil for the victims of the downed passenger airliner has not been overlooked.

After Iran admitted it was responsible for the plane going down, Iranians took to the street to protest the regime.

Vigils were taking throughout the city, one of which was attended by British Ambassador to Iran, Rob Macaire.

Macaire was taken into custody and detained, an illegal act due to the fact he is a diplomat.

The incident was all over social media, creating even more problems for Iran.

While there has been considerable criticism aimed at Trump for walking away from the Obama deal, a deal he believed Iran was violating anyway, Trump would now appear to have a major backer for putting a new deal in place.

Now, all we need is for Iran to come to the table and start hashing it out, something the terrorist nation seems to be far more willing to do today than it was when Soleimani was still walking this earth.

Source: Fox News

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