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Brutal Murder in Detroit Buried by the Media for One Reason…

Several weeks ago, there was a brutal murder in Detroit, but by and large, it went unreported.

Tyler Wingate, 24, who is white, was brutally beaten in public by Lawrence Davis, who is black.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video, but for the most part, the incident was simply ignored by the media because the victim was white.

Had this attack been reversed, it is completely naive to think both the media and Democrats would not be blaming this on Donald Trump and his “rhetoric.”

The Altercation and Beating

According to local reports, the entire incident was set into motion when Davis drove into oncoming traffic.

He reportedly struck Wingate’s car, then left the scene of the accident.

Authorities stated that Davis then walked to a nearby gas station, which is where the altercation between the two men took place.

Ashley Ciaffone, the Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor handling the case, stated, “The defendant gets out of his vehicle irate and searching to start a fight.”

She explained how Davis punched Wingate, knocking him down.

She continued, “(Davis) then searched the victim’s pockets,

“The victim gets back up, defenseless, woozy … and the defendant continues to assault the victim until he’s unconscious and laying there.

“But that’s not enough for the defendant, who then goes back and kicks the victim in the head.”

The attack was brutal, with Wingate literally being beaten to death, and it was all captured on video.

The incident was recently discussed on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show…

Where is the National Outrage?

Killing like this needs to be covered nationally so this type of behavior can be condemned.

This is not about black against white or white against black; it is simply about being human.

This type of violence occurs far too often in this country, but it does not get the headlines because it is not deemed as “sexy” as a mass shooting by the media.

If you do a Google search right now using Wingate’s name, you will find only ONE major outlet that covered the story, and that was MSN.

The rest of the coverage was done by alternative media outlets and local outlets.

We have heard people like Al Sharpton condemn Donald Trump for a shooting he had nothing to do with, but Sharpton cannot make an appeal for this type of violence to be stopped?

This is Rep. Tlaib’s home state, yet she has never said a peep about it to the media.

Is her silence on the subject an endorsement of this type of behavior?

The double standard by today’s media and the Democrat party is sickening.

They call for cries of racism to stop, but they are only telling one side of the story.

By not reporting this type of violence, you are silently condoning it.

To be very clear, I am not trying to stoke white against black violence, I am merely pointing out the fact this type of violence has become almost acceptable by both the media and politicians.

If not acceptable, it is definitely not worthy of their time or efforts and by taking that approach, they are actually encouraging more violence such as this to take place.

If you truly want racism to end, both sides must be held accountable, period.

Source: The Detroit News

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