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Buttigieg Train to White House Goes Completely Off the Rails

The nation is getting its first glimpse at how Pete Buttigieg handles a crisis, and it is not a very good look.

Buttigieg cannot even handle the small town of South Bend, Indiana’s problems, so how is going to run an entire country?

Community Problems

Mayor Buttigieg’s problems all stem from a shooting in South Bend that forced him off the campaign trail.

A white officer shot a black man, which means it is an instant powder keg.

The family of the 54-year-old man is planning to sue the city and this has become a PR nightmare for the presidential hopeful.

The details behind the shooting are still fairly well hidden, as we really only know the man was wielding a knife.

Buttigieg is asking for an independent investigation into the incident, but his citizens feel neglected and they want accountability for what is going on.

To make matters even worse, at a Town Hall to discuss the incident, one of Buttigieg’s aides told the crowd to be respectful of the Mayor’s schedule, which of course went over like a led balloon…

It All Comes Out

Buttigieg has promised to diversify this country in unprecedented ways.

As a Democrat, part of that would be in encouraging a more diversified police force to better represent the communities being served.

In this area, too, Buttigieg has failed in South Bend.

Rather than creating a more diversified South Bend Police Force, the numbers show the force has actually become “more white” with Buttigieg in office.

Cracking Under Pressure

I have railed often about candidates resigning from current office because I do not believe they can properly serve the office they hold if they are running for president.

Buttigieg has clearly proven me right on that.

However, he has also proven that when the pressure is applied, he freezes.

In one video, he literally looked like he was going to cry over the comments being directed his way.

This is all going on in a small American city… what happens when he has to make decisions that literally impact the entire world?

Buttigieg, you have been examined and you have been found wanting.

If he had an ounce of self-respect and respect for the citizens of South Bend, he would drop out of the race right now and get his city back under control.

He will be forced to make a decision one way or another this week, as the first round of debates is coming.

If Buttigieg takes the stage, rest assured, the town of South Bend will become brutally aware they are nothing more than pawns in his scheme for more power.

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