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Buttigieg’s Brother-in-Law Says Candidate Lied About Family’s Past

Mayor Pete’s husband apparently doesn’t have quite the past he and his husband claim to have.

The brother-in-law of Pete Buttigieg is accusing the presidential candidate’s campaign of lying about past family problems to sell his political campaign.

Not True

Rhyan Glezman, the brother of Chasten Buttigieg and Pete’s husband, was speaking out about a recent article that painted a rather nasty picture of the family.

He stated, “A mayor from a small city and his husband, a child who grew up with nothing and his parents kicked him out … it makes for a perfect political story for the campaign.

“To me, that’s very sad.

“If that’s all you have to stand on, you’re not fit to be president of the United States.”

The story Glezman was talking about was in reference to an article in the Washington Post about Buttigieg’s husband and how his family reacted when he came out to them.

Chasten left the family home after coming out, but that was on him, stated Rhyan, nobody was forcing him out of the house.

He stated that he loves his brother but “I just don’t support the gay lifestyle.”

He further stated you can’t change the fact you are brothers, that a fight or disagreement does not change that fact.

Rhyan also disputed the fact the family was dirt poor when they were growing up.

On that subject, he stated, “The story makes it look as if he came from nothing, a poor family.

“Chasten had everything, from cell phones paid for, car insurance paid for.”

Hateful Threats

The reason Rhyan is coming forward is that there has been considerable backlash towards the family since the story came out.

Rhyan does not believe they are being treated fairly because of the fact the story told by Buttigieg’s husband is misleading.

It bothers him even more because he believes Pete Buttigieg’s campaign is doing this solely for the purpose to make the candidate more appealing to voters.

A candidate, by the way, Rhyan will not be supporting come election day.

He is adamant, however, that is has nothing to do with Buttigieg’s sexual preference and everything to do with this politics.

He stated, “That’s not because he’s gay.

“When you want to rewrite the Electoral College, when you want to change the makeup of the Supreme Court, when you want to have open borders and not have any process there, his extreme view on abortion … those are things that are very important to me.”

There is little doubt the mainstream media will discredit Rhyan as a Trump supporter trying to smear Buttigieg because that is what they do.

Americans will take note of this, however, as they have clearly grown weary of candidates just blatantly lying to them to get into office.

Based on recent polls, the public is already tiring of the novelty of Buttigieg, and this latest development will surely help to continue his downward trend.

Source: Fox News

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