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Calls to Fire Liberal Texas Teacher Over Anti-Trump ‘Test’

Conservatives in Texas are absolutely furious over a liberal-slanted assignment she gave to her students.

A 7th-grade teacher at Goose Creek ISD gave her students an essay assignment with multiple choice answers that were clearly pot shots at President Trump.

Liberal Rhetoric

Parents were absolutely furious when they saw the assignment their children had been given.

The children were to read an essay called “Trump Against American Values” and were given several answers from which they could choose to describe the overall theme of the essay.

Among those answers:

  • The United States will impeach Trump
  • Other Americans are also offended by Donald Trump
  • Mexican-Americans are the major group upset with Donald Trump
  • Future generations will have to deal with racism

Chris Felder, a parent of one of the children, stated, “This was an assignment my seventh-grade daughter received that I found to be very out of place, to say the least.”

Rep. Brisco Cain (R-Deer Park) was also outraged by the assignment.

He stated, “In Texas Government Code, section 247.2 Code of Ethics, and Standard Practices for Texas Educators, it states: ‘The educator shall not use institutional or professional privileges for personal or partisan advantages.’

“This educator clearly pushed a partisan agenda in a class activity.”

Call for Dismissal

The blatant partisanship showed by this teacher has created a call for her to be fired by both parents and Rep. Cain.

Cain stated, “This individual has violated the sacred trust that every parent has with the State of Texas when they send their child into a public school.

“They have lost the privilege of being in a classroom with Texas children and forfeit the title of teacher.”

What Cain is describing is a major problem in this country throughout the educational system.

A large majority of educators at all levels are liberals.

It was bad enough before the Trump administration, but this polarizing environment has these educators really pushing liberal beliefs on children these days.

Most children idolize their teachers and emulate them as they are growing up.

This has resulted in a group of young liberals that are demonizing a conservative ideology they pretty much know nothing about other than the tales their teachers are telling them, which are mostly negative.

To put it bluntly, partisan identity has no place in our schools, and this would be just as true if a conservative were pushing his or her agenda on young students.

Kids are sent to school by their parents to be educated, not preached to about politics and the evil ways of a sitting president.

Goose Creek ISD cannot let this stand and this teacher must be terminated immediately.

We simply cannot have this type of rhetoric being taught to young children in Texas or any other state in the country.

Read the full report on Texas Scorecard.

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