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Capitol Security Increased Due to ‘Concerning information’

We can now thank QAnon supporters for adding to the taxpayer bill to keep troops in DC as well as adding extra security around the Capitol.

According to reports, Capitol Police believe there will be another attack on the Capitol on Thursday.

This is because March 4 is the date that QAnon supporters have marked as the day that Trump will retake the White House.

March 4

The reason QAnon has attached March 4 to its latest quest is that the 4th is the day when inaugurations were held until 1933.

On that note, Capitol Police stated they are  “aware of concerning information and intelligence pertaining to March 4th.”

This rumor has also been discussed by the House Armed Services Committee.

With thousands of troops still in D.C., it would be rather ill-advised for QAnon to attempt to rush the Capitol.

I will keep my ears open on this and if anything else surfaces regarding a possible storming of the Capitol, we will update this report.

Sources: New York Post & The Hill

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