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Chicago Mayor Blasts Senator Cruz Over Chicago Gun Violence

While most of us were licking the BBQ sauce off our fingers and tossing down another cold one, Senator Ted Cruz was in an all-out Twitter war with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Mayor Lightfoot did not take kindly to Cruz referencing Chicago as an ultimate failure of gun control legislation, so she blamed Cruz and all Republicans for the violence on her city streets.

Another Bloody Weekend in Chicago

Labor Day weekend was another massive bloodbath on the streets of Chicago.

By early Sunday morning, the shooting casualties and deaths exceeded that of the shooting rampage that took place in Midland and Odessa, TX.

While Chicagoans were being dropped in the street, though, all Democrats could focus on was gun control and using the Odessa and Midland, TX shootings as an example of why we need more gun control laws on the books.

Senator Cruz must have gotten sick of hearing the same old narrative being spewed by Dems, so he fired off a counterattack on Twitter…

It took Mayor Lightfoot a while to fire back at Cruz, but when she did, she blamed the Texas Senator and his fellow Republicans for the violence.

Not only that, she told him to keep the name of Chicago out of his mouth…

Placing the Blame

It is pretty funny that Democrats never seem to be willing to place the blame where it really belongs.

Hillary loses the election, it is the Russians fault.

Bill Clinton has affairs, it is the fault of those women.

Chicago has more than two dozen shootings in 24 hours, blame it on the Republicans.

Someone gets murdered, blame it on the weapon.

If they would ever just take the time to look at the actual causes of these problems, perhaps they could come up with some real answers.

Instead, they just look to place the blame anywhere but within their own circle… and round and round we go.

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