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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Tells Trump F U

Somehow, Democrats want us all to believe that what is going on in Minneapolis and cities around the country is all Donald Trump’s fault.

When Trump points out the obvious, they get upset, with Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, taking it to a whole new level.

F U Trump

Lightfoot was unable to curse on TV, so she coded her message to Trump.

After Trump stated that “THUGS” were tearing apart Minneapolis and “when looting starts, the shooting starts,” Lightfoot had heard enough.

When asked about Trump’s comments, she stated, “He wants to show failures on the part of Democratic local leaders, to throw red meat to his base.

“His goal is to polarize, to destabilize local government and inflame racist urges.

“We can absolutely not let him prevail.

“And I will code what I really want to say to Donald Trump.

“It’s two words. It begins with F and it ends with U.”

So, let’s imagine the outrage if ANY Republican sent that message back to Lightfoot, let alone Trump.


The use of “THUGS” has Democrats once again pushing the racist narrative.

Something they forget, though, is when the Baltimore riots were occurring in 2015, Barack Obama used the very same word…

You see, Dems can do what they want; it is only Donald Trump that they hold accountable for words they deem to be offensive, even if they have used them.

Lightfoot seems typical of Democrats these days, in that she wants to hold Trump accountable for the failures of her own party.

Minneapolis is a forever blue city in a blue-dominated state, yet somehow, Republicans, conservatives, and Donald Trump are to blame for what happened to George Floyd.

It is Trump that should be saying F U to Lightfoot, not the other way around.

Sources: Fox News & WGN9

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