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CIA Rips CNN for Twisting Russian Spy Extraction to Hurt Trump

Not only did CNN run a story it probably should have kept quiet, but the media outlet also twisted the narrative to try to turn it into a negative story about President Trump.

Once again, the source for the story was an “unnamed” staffer inside the Trump White House.

The storyline… Trump’s loose lips created the need to extract a spy embedded in the highest levels of the Russian government.

Where Is This Leak?

You really have to question the common sense of a staffer that felt the need to tell the media we successfully extracted a spy out of Russia in 2017.

You also have to question the loyalty of the staff members to consider the information that was passed onto CNN.

Honestly, it would not be surprising to hear the Attorney General wants to investigate this story because of the ramifications it could have for this administration on a variety of levels.

The Narrative

According to the CNN report, it was deemed too dangerous for a Russian asset to remain in place after a meeting at the White House between Donald Trump and Russian officials.

The report stated there were concerns that Trump had mishandled classified information, putting the asset at risk.

That, however, is not exactly what happened.

The fact is the CIA had been looking at extracting the asset, as well as several other assets, for some time due to the length of time they had been providing information.

Even more important is that these considerations were taking place during the Obama administration.

CIA Pushback

After the CNN report was posted, the CIA immediately called out the media outlet for a bogus narrative.

In addition to calling the claims Trump out the asset at risk “false,” the agency stated, “CNN’s narrative that the Central Intelligence Agency makes life-or-death decisions based on anything other than objective analysis and sound collection is simply false.

“Misguided speculation that the President’s handling of our nation’s most sensitive intelligence – which he has access to each and every day – drove an alleged exfiltration operation is inaccurate.”

CNN was also called out by former CIA analyst, Buck Sexton.

Sexton stated, “There is an obvious recklessness from anybody who would be talking about this kind of story that had access or knew anything if…that’s what went on here.

“It’s quite clear that it was just meant to get Trump.

“The story here really isn’t about the whole operation… The agency has already come out — which is rare — and said this is just B.S. This is not true.

“But this was all meant to be a weapon against Donald Trump.

“Because we’re in the ‘get Trump’ era, all of the rules all of a sudden don’t apply the same way.”

He later added, “It’s a question of judgment and ethics.

“I think in this case you’ve seen a lot of people that have just decided, well because it makes Trump look reckless we’re just going to say that this is something people need to hear about.”

As Sexton stated, this is just reckless and dangerous reporting by CNN. They are flipping narratives to suit their own purpose, which is obviously to try to keep Trump out of the White House for a second term.

Sources: CNN / Fox News

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