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Clip from 1993 Resurfaces, Could Spell Big Problems for Biden

Every allegation needs to be investigated… that is the claim of Democrats regarding the #MeToo movement, unless, of course, it is their presumed nominee.

Now, after a clip from 1993 of Tara Reade’s mother calling into “Larry King Live,” the media will have no choice but to start digging.

Just Avoid It

When the media does not like a story about a Democrat, it simply avoids it until the news cycle brings a tastier tidbit to the surface.

When Tara Reade offered more information into her allegations against Joe Biden, it should have dominated the cycle.

Instead, however, many mainstream media outlets simply acted like the story never happened.

The outlets that did cover it did everything in their power to undermine Reade’s allegations while at the same time inadvertently admitting that Biden’s “regular” behavior was suspect.

The one shortcoming to Reade’s claim in the eyes of the media is that there is no corroboration at the time she claims the assault took place… until now.

Old Clip Surfaces

As it turns out, there may have been some corroboration to her story that was made in the form of a 1993 call-in to “Larry King Live.”

In the video clip below, Reade’s mother had called in to King’s show looking for answers about what her daughter could do…

The media is already working its magic to say that Reade’s mother could have been talking about the bullying allegations made by Reade, and she might have been, but she also may have been talking about Biden’s advances and alleged sexual assault of Reade.

Point being, there is clearly something to Reade’s allegations and more investigation should be done.

Now, numerous outlets are getting called out for their lack of coverage on this story, with CNN taking the brunt of the criticism.

Trump’s campaign was quick to add a little more fuel to the fire.

Erin Perrine, the principal deputy communications for President Trump’s re-election campaign, stated, “Now we’ll see if a different set of rules still applies to Joe Biden.

“Maybe now at least one reporter will ask him about it.”

Biden’s campaign has already denied the claims but that should not be enough, especially with this new information.

One way or another, as I stated when claims were made against Trump, let’s get to the bottom of it.

If Biden truly has nothing to hide, an investigation should not concern him in the least but my guess is that he would react to that in the same way he reacted to a possible investigation into his son Hunter’s business dealings… as though he had something to hide.

Source: Fox News

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