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CNN Admits How Low the Bar Was Set for Biden

We have been saying for weeks that unless Joe Biden curled up in a ball and started drooling on stage, the left was going to say his speech was a success.

A panel discussion on CNN even admitted as much, with Van Jones saying exactly that!…

Unfortunately, though, Jones got it wrong because Biden did not knock it out of the park.

He made at least one monster mistake during his speech.

During the speech, Biden stated, “There’s never been anything we’ve been able to accomplish when we’ve done it together.

The line was supposed to read, “And there has never been anything we’ve been unable to accomplish when we’ve done it together.”

That was not the only thing, though.

Joe Biden is famous for plagiarizing, but this time he did it to himself.

Biden’s speech was nothing new, in fact, it was the same speech he has been giving for years…

Come the debates, Biden is not going to have the luxury of a teleprompter or handlers that can jump in and end the Q&A, so if you think the DNC speech was bad, wait until you see him live, on stage by himself, trying to answer questions.

This is exactly why Trump cannot cave and allow Biden to do the debates via Zoom where his handlers can feed him the answers to questions.

Biden needs to be on stage, exposed, so America can see just how much of a puppet Biden is to the left these days.

That first debate cannot get here soon enough!

Sources: Weasel Zippers & Breitbart

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