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CNN and Anderson Cooper Ignore Key Issues in Softball Biden Town Hall

Tuesday night, Joe Biden had a Town Hall on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

Sadly, Cooper chose to serve up nothing but softballs, never really challenged Biden, and avoided the two major “issues” that are going on right now.

Serve It Up

When Biden was asked how long the pandemic would last, this was his answer…

So where was the challenge from Cooper on Biden’s big plan to fix this?

That, however, was just the start of it.

Biden was not asked why he has not reached out to Governor Abbott in Texas.

Biden was not asked about the massive nursing home scandal in New York and why he did not even discuss the matter with Governor Cuomo when he was in D.C. last week.

Nor was Joe asked about his disgraced former Deputy Press Secretary who was suspended, then resigned for offensive comments made to a female member of the media.

Whenever Trump did a Town Hall, it was confrontation after confrontation, many times with the host taking over the event to go after Trump.

When is the media going to call this man out for being the utter fraud that he is?

Oh, by the way, Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper did not have masks on, because, you know, the air around both of them is magically sanitized when they are speaking.

You can read more about Biden’s Town Hall on Fox News.

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