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CNN Buries Poll After Surprising Results

Typically, when CNN does a poll, its anchors and pundits talk about it all day.

That, however, was not the case when a battleground poll backfired on the left-leaning network and showed Trump leading Biden in some of the most important states in the upcoming presidential election.

Trump Trending

As you all know, I am not a full-fledged believer in polls, but I do believe they are useful in showing trends.

Another misleading feature of most polls is that the numbers in national polls are largely driven by the states where those being polled reside.

For instance, if most of the people are in liberal-dominated states, do we really expect to see a favorable poll for any Republican?

I have said all along that battleground states are the true sign of how this election is going to go, and on that front, the trend currently shows a big day for Trump when it comes time to pull the handles.

Poll Backfires

Trump has been taking some rather significant hits in the media.

Some are from Biden attacks, some are from bogus media narratives, and some are from the usual “Trump foot-in-mouth” disease.

The media is latching onto every statement Trump makes and dissecting it by the word to hit him and when he does, they pounce.

With so much negative coverage, it seemed like a really good time to take a poll in battleground states to kill any momentum Trump and his supporters thought they had, right? WRONG!

The poll completely backfired on CNN, with Trump leading Biden 52-45 in key battleground states.

When the poll came out, CNN’s John King did his best to belittle the battleground numbers from his own network’s poll.

King talked about Biden leading nationally before going getting to the real meat of the poll and even when he did, he tried to downplay the numbers.

King stated, “But remember 2016. We pick presidents state by state. Look at the horse race in the 15 states that CNN designates as presidential battlegrounds. Take a peek.

“The president leads in those battleground states, 52 percent to 45 percent.

“Be careful not to invest too much in any one poll, especially in the middle of a pandemic.”

Had this poll showed Biden leading in battleground states, you better believe it would have been a hard sell all day long on the network. As it was, though, barely anyone spoke about it, a point made by the National Review’s Kyle Smith.

Smith stated, “Polls are expensive, news organizations tend to hype them breathlessly to generate headlines in rival media outlets… yet CNN seemed oddly unenthused about its own poll.”

CNN was “unenthused” because the poll did not show the results the network expected, so they treated it like an outlier.

This is just flat-out dishonest reporting by CNN in trying to explain away the results of its poll rather than treating it as the network would any other poll.

I said it before and I will say it again… and they wonder why nobody trusts the media anymore.

Sources: CNN, Fox News & National Review

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