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CNN’s Jim Acosta Confronted at CPAC by Conservative Columnist

While covering CPAC, Jim Acosta got a dose of his own medicine.

Acosta was in the middle of being interviewed when The Federalist columnist David Marcus ruined his day.

Marcus demanded Acosta reveal when CNN will start covering the Cuomo scandal, to which Acosta has no real answer.

Get in His Face

Acosta was known for being very intrusive and rude when he was covering the Trump administration at the White House.

Some may say Marcus went over the line, but all he did was exactly what Acosta had done dozens of times during White House press conferences…

Acosta would go on to file this report for CNN…

All I know is I am glad CNN finally removed Acosta from the White House because the less I see of his face on TV, the better.

Source: The Blaze

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