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Confederate Billboard Creates Outrage in Kemp, TX

Apparently, someone has had enough of Confederate monuments being torn down.

An unnamed individual paid to have a billboard depicting a “Calvin & Hobbs” like character wearing a Confederate Gray uniform urinating on the Dallas skyline with a Confederate flag and the caption, “I Support Confederate Heritage.”

Residents NOT Happy

The billboard is located in Kemp, TX.

This is a small town just outside of Dallas with about 1,200 residents.

The residents interviewed about the sign are quite upset the billboard is located in their town.

They apparently believe its mere existence depicts the entire town as being racist.

The person sponsoring the sign, however, remains a mystery, as the billboard owner is refusing to give up his or her identity.

Removing History

It is a fairly safe assumption the individual that paid for that billboard was reacting to the recent news that the Dallas City Council decided to remove several Confederate monuments throughout the city.

The most notable removal will be the Confederate War Memorial from Pioneer Park Cemetery.

While there was outrage from locals over the removal of the monument, they were even more upset when the found out the city will be paying almost $500,000 for the removal to take place.

That decision came on the heels of a 2017 decision to remove the Robert E. Lee monument from Lee Park.

This is a discussion that is not likely to go away anytime soon.

Believe it or not, there are Southerners that are not racist that still celebrate their heritage.

This is something northerners will simply never understand.

The removal of these monuments is considered an insult to these individuals, as many of them have family members that lost their lives in the Civil War.

Contrary to popular belief, the Civil War, at least for the South, was about far more than slavery.

One of the bigger issues of that war States’ Rights Vs. Federal Rights.

Amazingly, that is a battle we are still facing today.

This incessant need to erase our history is creating move divide than unity and if it is not stopped soon, we very well may find ourselves on the brink of another Civil War.

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