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Coronavirus Expert and NYT Destroys Dem Narrative on Testing Kits and Biden Claim Kits Were Refused

By far, the biggest piece of misinformation perpetrated by the media and Democrats has been that this administration has completely bungled the test kit aspect of dealing with this virus.

If we are being honest, the administration has also done a poor job of getting the right information out on this specific topic, an issue that was finally addressed by Dr. Deborah Birx on Tuesday.

What Happened…

Everyone knows testing has been delayed in the United States for a considerable time.

The reason was that the system itself was not set up for widespread testing like this.

This was not Obama’s fault, it was not Trump’s fault, or any president that can before them.

The system that was in place worked okay, but it did show stress during the H1N1, so a case could be made that the CDC should have looked deeper into the problem then, but it did not.

When the CDC tried to produce an adequate test in mass quantities as well as be able to process the kits, it failed.

Had the CDC been successful, we would not even be having this conversation, but the CDC was not, and it set everything back.

At this time, the private sector was called in to help with both production and processing.

Very quickly, they have ramped up production and over the next week or so, the administration is hopeful the backlog of tests will be processed.

On Sunday night, Joe Biden stated the WHO offered coronavirus testing kits and they were refused, which is blatantly false.

In fact, this was fact-checked and confirmed by the New York Times.

Per NYT, “Mr. Biden’s assertion that the Trump administration refused tests offered by the W.H.O. appears to be wrong. The W.H.O. does not sell tests to wealthy countries, which usually prefer to make their own.

“Dr. Anne Schuchat, deputy principal director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, confirmed that the W.H.O. gave test kits ‘primarily to underresourced countries.’ Another administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that the W.H.O. had never offered to sell or give tests to the United States.”

Because our team of experts wanted a test that was as close to 100 percent reliable as possible, the development of the test kit took a bit longer.

This is all fully explained by Dr. Deborah Birx, a member of the task force.

Her explanation begins in the video below at around the 1:30 mark…

The mainstream media, however, has pretty much ignored this explanation and rather than call out Joe Biden for his blatant lie, the information is being buried in articles that are addressing other issues, such as the New York Times did in the article we cited.

This, however, is the information We the People need to get out there because it destroys the biggest criticism from Democrats against the response by this administration.

Share this article, email it to friends, and tell them to get the word out because we need ALL Americans to realize how much they are being deceived by the media, by Democrats, and specifically by Joe Biden.

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