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Cory Booker Heads to Border to Personally Escort Immigrants Across Border

Senator Cory Booker is floundering in election polls, so he did something completely desperate in order to make a splash.

Rather than help President Trump fix the immigration issues we face, he spent the day escorting illegal immigrants across the border.

He then proceeded to rail against our border officials in an effort to embarrass both them and the President.

Helping Illegals

Booker has made it quite clear his number one agenda issue is to help illegal immigrants.

He recently announced an executive order he would sign on Day 1 in office to eliminate detention centers and more or less allow illegals to roam freely in our country.

Perhaps that is why he is among the bottom feeders in election polls.

That, however, did not stop him from doing something he probably should have been arrested for.

On Wednesday, Booker escorted a family across the border that was seeking asylum.

Then he went public, stating he believed their story they were in fear of sexual violence and they should be granted asylum.

Do Your Job

The problem here is that working the border and vetting immigrants are not Cory Booker’s job.

Him vetting their story is about as valid as talking to a box of rocks.

These individuals are desperate and will do and say anything to get into this country, which is why we have border agents to investigate their claims to see if they are truly valid.

Furthermore, this little stunt that Booker pulled is only going to make matters worse, not better.

I have stated numerous times the behavior by Dems to publicly call for the decriminalization of illegal entry and fighting against ICE will only make matters worse.

Booker’s actions could directly impact tens of thousands of illegals making the journey to cross the border.

How many more parents will pay coyotes to sneak their children into this country as a result of this?

How many more people will die making the crossing because of this?

Booker’s behavior was despicable and if he does that again, Senator or not, he should be arrested for his actions.

If Booker really wants to help these people, he needs to get his butt in D.C. and actually work with Republicans to write true immigration reform legislation, not carry out publicity stunts that put the safety of these immigrants and Americans at risk.

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