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Cory Booker Hits Biden on School Segregation Comments

Cory Booker appears to be accepting his role as Kamala Harris’ hitman during this election.

Booker hit Joe Biden again on racial issues, suggesting his school segregation comments are causing both “pain” and “frustration” among Democrat voters.

Take Out Joe

Let’s be perfectly honest here, Cory Booker doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting elected as the Democrat nominee.

However, his behavior during the election thus far is very reminiscent of what Christ Christie was doing during the 2016 Republican primary.

Just as Christie served as Trump’s attack dog to expose Trump’s biggest competitors, Booker appears to be doing the same for Harris.

Now that Harris back in this race, she cannot afford to go after an elite establishment member, so Booker will do her dirty work for her.

In the last week, Booker has hammered Biden for using the word “hoodie” when discussing young black men as well as Biden’s history with school segregation.

He is, in essence, doing the dirty work for Harris so she can continue to rise in the polls.

Vying for Cabinet or Ticket Position

Booker knows he can’t win.

He is one of the bottom dwellers in virtually every poll in existence right now.

He has done nothing sensational on the campaign trail or during a debate to generate even the smallest of buzz about his campaign.

Now, Booker can only hope to ride the coattails of other party members.

If Harris wins, there is already significant talk of Buttigieg being added to her ticket.

This is nothing from her own campaign, just speculation by the media pundits.

If that were true, we could probably expect to see Booker land a high-profile cabinet position as his reward for getting dirty for Harris IF she were to win the election.

Source: Fox News

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