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Critics and Candidates Shred CNN After Debate

Personally, I did not watch the Democrat debate because I refuse to watch CNN and I could care less what these candidates have to say.

However, those that did watch and/or participate in the debate were not so kind after three hours of questions that lacked serious pop.

Open Criticism Over Lack of Substance

Presidential debates are supposed to address policy and expose possible weaknesses by candidates, not discuss the latest gossip.

That, however, was CNN’s game plan going into this debate.

Joe Concha, a contributor for Fox News, stated, “The network is under heavy criticism from the left and right today, and rightly so.

“Its pursuit of sizzle over steak and focus on social issues over truly substantiate matters – economy, jobs, opioid crisis, border crisis, all-things China – has damaged the network’s credibility even further.”

Julian Castro was just as disappointed as the conservative media on the debate, sending out this tweet…

Senator Kamala Harris, who by all accounts seemed blatantly overmatched during this debate, also expressed her displeasure about the debate format…

Jeffrey McCall, a DePauw University professor and media critic, also slammed CNN for the debate.

He stated, “The time imbalance was so obvious and quite unfair to Gabbard, Castro and the others.

“That Warren is now or at the top of recent polls is no excuse for allowing such an imbalance.

“A candidate forum is supposed to give all candidates a fair opportunity to engage the dialogue and that absolutely did not happen.

“The debate moderators apparently don’t own stopwatches.”

He further stated the imbalance that was given to some candidates “lends credence to the critics who say these forums are all about promoting some candidates over others.

“The moderators were also quite powerless at times when they tried to move on or determine who would speak next.

“Candidates tended to ignore the moderators’ directions and interrupt as they wanted.

“This is standard procedure now in these televised spectacles, but it remains a weakness in the format and relegates moderators to bystanders at times.”

Curtis Houck, the managing editor of NewsBusters also chimed in, stating, “It was no surprise that CNN began with almost 20 minutes talking about impeachment and defending the Bidens seeing as how CNN’s been obsessed with impeachment for at least three years now.

“Between cutting off Tulsi Gabbard and asking far-left, leading questions on abortion, gun control, and the Supreme Court, CNN reminded America last night just how invested they are in defeating and removing the President from office.”

Conservative strategist Chris Barron believes CNN is not doing its job in preparing the future Democrat nominee for what he or she will face when that individual goes face-to-face with Trump on the debate stage.

He stated, “CNN is actually doing a disservice to the Democratic candidates and to Democratic voters by refusing to ask tough questions of the front runners.

“Whoever the Democrats nominate will have to square off against President Trump on the debate stage and I promise you he won’t treat the nominee with kid gloves.”

Bad Day for Joe

Joe Biden, in most people’s opinion, really needed to knock it out of the park during this debate, and he simply never took the bat off his shoulder.

His answer regarding his son was pathetic and he continues to struggle to express a coherent thought at times.

Both CNN and the rest of the Democrat field are now clearly treating Warren as though she is the leading candidate, as much of the extra time and focus of attacks were aimed at Warren.

While Biden is still among the favorites, his campaign is clearly losing steam as liberals are now weighing the unethical behavior of the former VP with his possible health and mental problems.

It is only a matter of time before Joe Biden gets tagged as a three-time loser in presidential races.

Source: Fox News

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