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Crowd Turns Ugly on Portland Mayor While Attending Protests

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has demanded that Trump get his federal officers out of his city.

He is bending over backward to show his support to protesters and rioters.

This week, he even ventured out of his house to join them in the fray.

While in the middle of the protesters, Wheeler told the crowd, “I stand with you.”

He was greeted with jeers for his compassion.

He further stated, “The tactics that are being used by the federal officers are abhorrent.

“We didn’t want them, we didn’t ask for them, they’re not trained for what they’re being asked to do. And we want them to leave.”

Wheeler continued, “The reason I am here tonight is to stand with you.

“So, if they’re launching the tear gas against you, they’re launching the tear gas against me.”

This is what the peaceful protest that Wheeler was talking about looked like…

Officers eventually used tear gas to disperse the crowd, and Wheeler was right in the middle of it, getting his wish to get tear-gassed.

As he left the protest, with numerous security officers protecting him, the crowd threw debris at him, yelled at him, and sent him on his merry way…

In any normal circumstance, the mayor would probably have the police disburse the crowd to restore order.

Wheeler, however, is like all these other Democrats that are allowing this mayhem simply to defy Trump, and you saw what that gets them.

I may be in the minority but I do NOT want Trump to send federal officers in unless these Democrat governors and mayors ask for his help.

If they want to let these people destroy their city, let them.

Sooner or later moderates are going to start to revolt and when that happens, Trump’s support goes through the roof.

Trump should be on TV every day offering to lend a hand but also stating that he respects local government’s right to run their own show.

He then suddenly becomes the main with the olive branch rather than the man with the big stick, a role that could garner him considerable support by the undecided.

Source: New York Post

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