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Cruz Challenged Actor Ron Perlman to Wrestling Match… with Jim Jordan

Politics is far from normal these days, but things took a really odd twist this week.

After actor Ron Perlman got into a Twitter feud with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) offered to settle the feud in the ring, only he offered up Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) instead of taking on Perlman himself.

The Joust

The hot debate this week is both NASCAR and the NFL saying they will support anthem protests from this point forward.

The U.S Soccer team also fell line, stating it would no longer be against team rules to protest the anthem.

We more or less knew this was coming from the NFL but it was fairly shocking to see NASCAR and a nationally-sponsored team fall in line as well.

This remains a highly controversial form of protest, with even sympathizers to the BLM cause taking offense at the flag being used as a prop for protesting.

Rep. Gaetz sent out a tweet voicing his displeasure over the new policy…

Perlman was quick to oblige, throwing a few insults in for good measure…

Cruz then replied, putting the services of Rep. Jordan, a former collegiate wrestler and coach, up against Perlman in a match that would have the prize money go to charity.

Perlman once again responded, adding Cruz to his most recent list of insultees…

Everyone Get Back to Work

This would normally make for good fodder, but honestly, it’s more infuriating than anything else.

As a small business owner, I want our representatives in D.C. to continue to find a way to get this country opened safely so we can all get back to business.

Instead, here we have the Senator of the great state of Texas playing paddy cake with some spoiled Hollywood star over what amounts to be a schoolyard squabble.

It also goes to show the disparity in real life and Hollywood/political life and how out of touch these people are with what most of America is dealing with right now.

How the hell does a Senator have $10k to throw around while beating his chest when many small business owners are right now deciding if they should keep their doors open or shutter their business forever?

Today’s politicians could care less about the American people. We are all just pawns in what amounts to be a game of Risk for them.

Source: The Hill

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