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Ted Cruz Hits Dems with a Hard Reality Check on COVID-19 Recovery

The latest move by the Democrat-run House is to add bailout funding for states that are in financial crisis.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is now telling everyone to pump the brakes on Phase 4 funding to prevent taxpayers from having to bailout “fiscally irresponsible states.”

End the Spending Spree

Congress has already proven that when it comes to writing massive pieces of legislation, it is clueless.

While the stimulus 3.0 and 3.5 packages were needed, there are so many flaws in the legislation that Americans are going to pay a dear price as we move forward.

Instead of waiting to see exactly what is needed, if it is needed, Democrats are already working to push through a Phase 4 piece of legislation that looks like it will be loaded with Democrat agenda financing, at least at first.

For instance, House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) has been in the media recently pushing for funding to help illegal immigrants as well as funding for states in financial hardship.

On these issues, Senator Cruz stated, “Today I made three points to my colleagues as we look ahead to the next phase in this recovery process.

“First, I urged my colleagues to push pause on the spending and not allow Nancy Pelosi to hijack discussions on the path forward.

“Second, I made clear that Congress should not be bailing out fiscally irresponsible states on the backs of taxpayers in more fiscally prudent states, but instead should provide additional flexibility for states to use funds they’ve already received on law enforcement.

“And, finally, I said we need to grow our way out of this crisis by cutting taxes and lifting regulations, specifically calling for every regulation that was waived during this crisis to continue being waived once the pandemic is defeated.

“The next stage of the coronavirus response effort must be focused on long-term recovery, not more spending for short-term relief, and that’s the message I delivered to my colleagues today.”

Take a Breath

Democrats want to continue to use this crisis as a shopping spree to get money for whatever they want rather than looking at the long-term repercussions.

Cruz is 100 percent right in that the federal government should not be bailing out states that were already in financial troubles before this pandemic started.

If there is a relief package created for all states, that is one thing, but to simply bail out states that have been in the red for years and want to use this crisis as a way to rescue themselves from their mismanagement… absolutely not.

What our government should be concentrating on right now is the small business owner who is a hair away from shuttering his or her doors forever because they were ordered to close down for almost two months.

Tax breaks, such as the payroll tax cut President Trump wants, would go a long way in making that happen.

Democrats, however, don’t see it that way, with Pelosi already on the record saying she would not approve of payroll tax cuts.

The House is expected to vote on legislation by the end of this week, but if the House puts forward what we expect it to put forward, it should be stalled in the Senate.

Source: Daily Caller

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