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Cuomo’s 89-year-old Mother Traveling to Governor’s Home for Thanksgiving

After Governor Cuomo’s disastrous nursing home rules during the pandemic, we knew he did not like our elderly, but we never realized that included his mother.

While Cuomo is telling New Yorkers to stay home for the holiday, his 89-year-old mother will be traveling to Albany to spend Thanksgiving with her son.

So, rather than keep his mother safe in a bubble, Cuomo is having someone that is in the most at-risk category of contracting COVID over to his house.

It’s probably a safe assumption that Cuomo will not be cooking dinner, which means there will be staff there as well.

Point being, there will more than likely be people there from more than three households as well, another COVID no-no during the holiday.

Yes, patriots, it’s another rules for thee but not for me Democrat thumbing his nose at his constituents.

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