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Dallas Man Nearly Beaten to Death by Rioters

The moment a protest turns into a riot, it needs to be stopped, period.

That fact has never been more clear after a video surfaced showing the savage beating of a Dallas man that was trying to protect his community against rioters.

Brutal and Savage Beating

During the weekend riots in Dallas, numerous storefronts were damaged, many of them being those of small business owners, including minority-owned businesses.

One local Dallas man, whose name has not yet been released, tried to take it upon himself to protect the local community, but he quickly and sadly found out that one man is no match for a mob.

According to reports, the man had armed himself with a machete in an effort to deter rioters and defend himself if need be.

Police stated that he arrived at the 2200 block of North Lamar to “allegedly protect his neighborhood from protesters armed with the machete.”

As rioters made their way through the neighborhood, he confronted them, but he was quickly overwhelmed.

The video below shows the confrontation and consider yourself warned that the video is quite graphic, especially at the end…

According to police, the man had been taken to a local hospital before they arrived on the scene.

The Blaze’s Elijah Schaffer, who took the video above, further stated that in all the protests he had covered, this was beyond anything he had seen…

So far, Dallas Police have reported 74 arrests have been made, with most of those individuals being charged with inciting a riot.

Sources: Western Journal & DFW CBS Local

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