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Dallas Mayor Shutters Nightlife Throughout the City

With recommendations from the CDC to limit gatherings to less than 50 people, the City of Dallas will take it a step further to ensure these gatherings do not happen.

On Monday afternoon, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson has ordered all Dallas bars, taverns, lounges, nightclubs, gyms, health clubs, theaters, music venues, arcades, billiard halls, and entertainment venues of the like to close their doors.

Restaurants will still be able to offer take-out service, however.

Drastic Measures

On Sunday, the CDC announced social gatherings should be limited to less than 50 people for at least the next eight weeks.

This is a recommendation to ensure the curve for the spread of the coronavirus is kept as low as possible so as not to overwhelm our health care facilities.

Mayor Johnson has taken the extreme measure of just shuttering businesses, as we have seen happen across the entire country today.

While dine-in service is no longer available, drive-through service will still be available as will take-out service.

Some delivery services are also offering no-contact delivery upon request.

The order will stand for the next seven days.

According to the announcement, Dallas City Council will meet on Wednesday to decide if it will extend the closure for a longer period of time.

While the measure may be necessary to contain the spread, these extreme measures will undoubtedly crush the economy and put people in serious jeopardy financially.

Mortgages, rents, loans, and credit card payments still have to be made, but there has yet to be any announcement at all by these financial institutions or the White House to address this situation.

Source: Texas Tribune

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