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Debate Draw Gives Warren HUGE Edge Over Leaders

Of all the major contenders in the 2020 Democrat primary, Elizabeth Warren may have the best chance to shine.

When the random draw was announced, Warren ended up being the only top contender on the stage for her debate segment.

Luck of the Draw

With so many candidates, the first debate will actually be held in two segments.

When the names were announced, Warren ends up on the stage with all the bottom-dwellers.

This could be a good or bad thing for Warren, depending upon how she holds up.

As the top contender on the stage, she will no doubt be the main focus on the attacks from the other candidates.

She will be facing off against Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Tim Ryan, Tulsi Gabbard, Beto O’Rourke, John Delaney, Jay Inslee, Julian Castro, and Bill de Blasio.

Warren may take this as some sort of slap in the face, since she will not have the chance to directly face off against the likes of Sanders, Biden, or Buttigieg.

If Warren expects to be able to handle the pressure of the White House, however, she is going to have to learn to take the heat, and she will face plenty of it up on that stage.

If she is prepared and ready, she could come out of this debate gaining even more ground on Biden while surpassing Sanders.

The Other Guys

The second stage will be set with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Michael Bennett, Eric Swalwell, John Hickenlooper, Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang, and Marrianne Williamson.

It will be really interesting to see if everyone teams up to go after Biden and Sanders or if they spread the wealth.

Let’s be honest, though, after Harris, the only name on that list that really matters is Buttigieg.

The rest of the debate stage will more than likely focus on Biden to try to gain some big points.

If those candidates do not make a big move after this debate, their race will be all but over.

In actuality, the same can be said for Harris.

She started the race as one of the top contenders, but Harris has done nothing but go backwards ever since.

When all is said and done, Biden can be expected to slide back a few points and as stated above, if Warren can handle her stage properly, she could easily solidify herself in second place.

Whether Biden wants to admit it or not, this will also be a big night for him.

Up to this point, most of the candidates have tried to get their headlines by saying they would prosecute Trump if they win, but now they will have no choice but to go after Biden directly.

Biden is coming off a couple of rough weeks himself and that huge lead is now down to single digits, so he cannot afford to lay an egg in the opening debate.

Source: Fox News

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