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Dem Candidates Furious DNC Changed Debate Rules to Accommodate Bloomberg

Oh my, there is yet another doozy of a scandal brewing in the Democrat party.

Up until now, the Democrat party has used fundraising as part of its qualifier for being able to attend a debate.

Now that all the minority candidates are gone, however, they have completely revamped the criteria so Michael Bloomberg will be able to attend.

Expanding the Roster

Bloomberg has not been eligible to this point because he is not taking outside donations for his campaign.

Because of that, he has not qualified for a single debate since he announced his candidacy.

He has, however, poured tens of millions of his own money into the campaign, which has led to a massive surge in support over the last two months.

In the most recent polls, Bloomberg is now ahead of Elizabeth Warren and making up ground on Sanders.

With him now being among the favorites, the DNC decided to revamp its requirements, ensuring Bloomberg would be included.

Adrienne Watson, the DNC spokesperson, stated, “Now that the grassroots support is actually captured in real voting, the criteria will no longer require a donor threshold.

“The donor threshold was appropriate for the opening stages of the race, when candidates were building their organizations, and there were no metrics available outside of polling to distinguish those making progress from those who weren’t.”

Democrat Outrage

Numerous past and present candidates in this race were not happy with the rules change.

As expected, Cory Booker, who loves to play the race card, immediately had something to say about it.

Addisu Demissie, Booker’s former campaign manager, stated, “I have been asked what the most significant day of the campaign was and that is hard to do without more perspective than I have (right now).

“But on the list, without question, is May 29, 2019 — when the donor threshold was raised to 130k. That’s all I will say about this today.”

Tom Steyer, the “other” billionaire candidate in this race, stated, “Let’s make one thing clear: Changing the rules now to accommodate Mike Bloomberg and not changing them in the past to ensure a more diverse debate stage is just plain wrong.

“The Democratic Party should be doing everything possible to ensure a diverse field of candidates. Instead, they are changing the rules for a candidate who is ignoring early states’ voters and grassroots donors.”

Sanders campaign was also very vocal about the change, with Sanders’ Senior Campaign Adviser Jeff Weaver stating, “To now change the rules in the middle of the game to accommodate Mike Bloomberg, who is trying to buy his way into the Democratic nomination, is wrong.

“That’s the definition of a rigged system.”

Andrew Yang also chimed in, stating, “It’s a mistake for @TheDemocrats to change the rules for debates in the middle of this race to yield to a billionaire.

“We need to respect the grassroots movement leading this party forward.”

This could be a significant problem moving forward for Democrats, especially if Bloomberg ends up extending the primary or wins the nomination outright.

The Democrat party is supposed to be the party of inclusion, but the top three candidates right now are old, white men, two millionaires, and a billionaire, not exactly the classification of people the party is meant to represent.

This is also going to make it much harder for anyone like Booker or Harris to be taken seriously if and when they throw their endorsement behind one of these candidates.

Maybe now minorities will finally start to realize just how rigged and racist the Democrat party really is.

Source: USA Today

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