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Democrat Debate Was a Front Runner Blood Bath

After two nights of watching Democrats flop around on stage like fish out of water, the only thing we really know is the current front-runners in the race are not ready for primetime.

Elizabeth Warren had a chance to shine, and she got buried by candidates not even generating one percent of the vote right now.

Biden and Sanders got completely obliterated on night two and even the people obliterating them made some monumental mistakes that will come back to haunt them later.

Democrat Debate Night 1 Winners and Losers

From our perspective, there were three candidates that should get a boost from the first night of the debate: Julian Castro, John Delaney, and Tulsi Gabbard.

Castro hit all the hot points for the far left and made it quite clear he will further their agenda as much as possible if he gets into the White House. It all sounded great to liberals, but he is never going to make it. Regardless, he gets some press and improves his name recognition.

John Delaney made it quite clear moderate liberals have a real choice with him. For the far left of the party, he is now enemy number one, but he could create some problems for Biden moving forward.

Tulsi Gabbard was someone I thought would initially be a better candidate, but she has struggled to this point. While she never really seemed comfortable on that stage, she was the most Googled candidate after the debate concluded, so people are checking out her platform and she will probably get a boost from the debate.

The biggest loser of the night, by far, was Beto O’Rourke. Several candidates targeted him and he completely folded under the pressure. The media darling’s campaign is all but over at this point.

The rest of the field, quite honestly, was flat and unimpressive. At best, they treaded water. For the candidates that were barely hitting the radar, though, that average performance will mean the end of their campaigns.

Democrat Debate Night 2 Winners and Losers

The real fireworks started on night two and it did not take very long to realize that both Sanders and Biden were on everyone’s hit list.

Kamala Harris probably had the strongest performance, but she did make one statement that is already causing a bit of a stir.

She obliterated Biden on segregation and he simply did not have any return for it. However, during the debate, Harris claimed to be the only “black” on the stage.

Some hate groups are already targeting her on this statement because her parents are Jamaican and Indian.

There were also some conservative minorities that went after her specifically for taking this stance, so she is going to face some heat on this regardless of whether or not people deem it to be a racist angle or not.

Michael Bennet also had a very good night. He hammered home the point that while everyone else on stage is talking about change, he has delivered this progressive agenda to Colorado already. It is doubtful he will ever be a real factor, but he will take votes away from the top contenders.

Pete Buttigieg took himself right out of the race with one of his very first questions. He flat-out admitted he could not get the job done in South Bend on diversity. So, when you are running a small town and can’t get the job done, how are you expected to be able to get it done for the entire country?

As stated above, both Sanders and Biden took some massive hits and looked like fools up there. When Bernie Sanders said a comment he made was mischaracterized, he was brutally reminded it was a word-for-word quote that came right out of his mouth.

The rest of the pack looked foolish, especially Eric Swalwell who could do nothing more than say “pass the torch to the next generation.”

When the dust finally clears, Biden’s massive lead will be gone and the front-running field will be a bit more crowded.

The leaders of polls will probably stay unchanged, but the percentage points will most definitely change.

Biden’s lead should be all but evaporated and we would not be surprised to see Sanders slip below both Warren and Harris in coming days.

This is truly a backyard brawl right now and with the race tightening, expect monumental attacks against both Biden and Sanders to come from all angles until both are relegated to no higher than third in this race.

From a conservative viewpoint, though, I really don’t see a true threat to Trump from anyone in this field.

This is not to say that cannot change or that it won’t be a close fight, but there is not a single candidate right now that is a real game changer.

Furthermore, few if any of the candidates actually answered the questions they were asked. They all rambled and did as they pleased, so America learned more than anything else, Democrats simply do not listen.

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