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Democrat Plan to Put Pelosi in White House Finally Revealed

Well, what most conservatives feared is finally coming to fruition.

Democrats are now trying to link Vice President Mike Pence to the Ukraine impeachment, which could possibly put House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the White House.

Incriminating Pence

House officials are expected to call a senior staffer of Mike Pence before the committees to testify.

Pence’s aide, Jennifer Williams, does not report directly to Pence, but she is very much informed on this particular issue.

The hope of Democrats is that she will provide enough evidence for them to link Pence to some type of wrongdoing regarding Ukraine.

If they are able to do that, they can add Pence to the impeachment, thereby making the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, the next president of the United States.

What Will She Say?

Exactly what Williams will say remains a mystery.

According to reports, Williams, who reports directly to General Keith Kellogg (Pence’s adviser on national security issues), was among those listening in on the phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s president.

While she reportedly had concerns about the phone call, there is no evidence that she ever came forward to express those concerns to General Kellogg.

Democrats will more than likely pound her with questions trying to find out just how much Pence knew about Trump’s alleged plans of quid pro quo with Ukraine.

Pence did not participate on the call in question, but Pence has met with and had his own conversations with President Zelensky.

Democrats will probably try to paint that relationship as Pence doing Trump’s legwork on the alleged quid pro quo.

With this move, Democrats are clearly trying to not only oust Trump from office but also trying to find a way to gain the White House outright.

Since the House Speaker is next in line after the Vice President, implicating and impeaching Pence with Trump would serve their purposes nicely.

Source: CNN

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