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Democrat Publicity Stunt Goes Bad, REAL Bad

I am honestly unsure how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her fellow Democrats could have done anything more offensive to the African American community in this country than her little PR stunt this week.

Congressional Democrats, led by Pelosi, did a 9-minute moment of silence for George Floyd… dressed in a Kente cloth.

Way Over the Line

It was only last week that Speaker Pelosi accused President Trump of conducting a political stunt by walking through Lafayette Park to St. John’s Church for a “photo-op.”

In the hypocritical world of politics, I wonder just how Pelosi and her fellow Democrats would characterize this…

Afterward, Pelosi could be seen grinning ear-to-ear, thinking she had pulled off the greatest PR stunt in congressional history, but it was anything but.

Her actions drew criticism not only from Republicans but by a significant amount of high-profile Democrats and liberals as well.

Epic Failure

What Pelosi and her fellow Democrats did was nothing short of cultural appropriation.

The cloth they were all wearing, the Kente cloth, is generally used during wedding ceremonies in Ghana.

Furthermore, to the African community, these garments have very special meanings, something Pelosi nor the rest of her fellow Democrats even thought to consider when this stunt was thought up.

It was something that was not taken lightly by Obianuju Ekeocha, a prominent African pro-life activist as well as the founder and president of Culture of Life Africa

Briahna Joe Gray, Bernie Sanders’ former Press Secretary, who has not been afraid to throw shade at Democrats, also went off about it…

Another major influencer in the party, Frederick Joseph, was completely baffled as to who could have possibly recommended this to Pelosi as a good idea…

Joseph is the author of “The Black Friend” as well as a major surrogate for Elizabeth Warren when her campaign was still rolling.

I never want to go so far as to tell anyone but to think, so I will just say this to any African American or other minority voters on the fence in the upcoming election…

Democrats consider you props and nothing more. It is an election year, otherwise, they would care less about your welfare.

For decades, cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia have been run by Democrats, yet these also happen to be among the cities where we see the most crime against African Americans, the most violence, and the most unemployment.

All I ask is that you take a serious look and ask yourself, “what have they done for me lately?”

Source: Breitbart

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