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Democrats Finally Admit Border Crisis Exists but…

On February 15, 2019, Donald Trump declared a national emergency due to the rising numbers of illegal immigrants coming across the border.

On February 26, 2019, the House voted down the emergency declaration by the President and called the immigration “crisis” a manufactured emergency by the Donald Trump administration.

Over the next month or so, virtually every high-profile Democrat, including several presidential candidates, continued to push the “manufactured crisis” narrative.

Additionally, the mainstream media accused President Trump of manufacturing an immigration crisis.

In fact, Jim Acosta took a crew to the border to get pictures, stating, “No sign of the national emergency that the president has been talking about… pretty tranquil down here.”

The President had foresight, seeing rising immigration numbers and knowing full well if that trend continued, the entire system would be stretched and put at risk.

Today, as Trump predicted, our immigration facilities are overcrowded, and the situation deteriorates further with every passing second.

Today, Democrats are finally willing to admit there is a crisis at the border, but they blame it all on President Trump.

You Don’t Get to Have It Both Ways

The mainstream media is allowing the left to spin this narrative, but that is not something we simply cannot permit to happen.

The truth is, had Democrats given Trump the funding and resources he requested in February, we would not be having the problems we are having here today.

If Democrats were not bending over backward to make illegal immigration legal, far fewer people would be making the trek from Central America through Mexico and to our southern border.

Children would not be suffering in reprehensible conditions and border detention centers would not have four and five times the amount of people they were meant to hold residing in them.

This crisis is on Democrats and they need to be held accountable for what they are doing and what they are saying.

Democrats don’t get to dismiss the declaration of emergency then turn around and blast this administration for turning our detention facilities into “concentration camps.”

Dems don’t get to complain about conditions yet bog down humanitarian legislation with so many poison pills that it becomes unsingable by President Trump.

Recently, a young man dove into the water of the Rio Grande with his infant daughter and ended up being swept away in the current that was so strong, it killed both of them.

He did this because he knew if he could just get here, Democrats would protect him and his daughter because they would be considered a family unit.

That blood is directly on the hands of Democrats because their behavior has encouraged desperate people to do desperate things.

President Trump has literally begged Democrats to come to the table on this issue from his first day in office.

Four months ago, he took extreme measures to address the issue and he was blocked by Democrats.

Today, finally, everyone agrees there is a crisis, but now they need to actually place the blame where it truly belongs… and that would be in the lap of the Democrat party.

Source: Fox News / The Hill / White House

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