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Democrats Furious Over Trump Ohio Rally Comments on Schiff and Soleimani Attack

Trump’s presidential rallies may now be the greatest form of entertainment you will ever find in the political arena, or any arena, for that matter.

To be honest, at one point, I was hoping Trump would get away from some of these attacks but based on how Dems have treated him, I hope he ramps them up tenfold.

If Trump’s most recent rally in Ohio is any hint as to where he will be going during the presidential season, we are all in for quite a treat.

Nobody is Safe from Trump’s Venom

Now, before you see the clip, realize Democrats and their supporters have already lost their minds over this.

These are the same people that call Trump everything from a racist to a Nazi and just about anything else you can think of.

After the Soleimani attack, Trump is now apparently a war criminal, so if people get upset over one of his comedy routines at a rally, screw ‘em.

Back to the rally… Trump was telling the crowd how Democrats reacted to the Soleimani strike.

Dems were pissed because Trump did not get the drone strike approved first.

For the record, Obama carried out thousands of drone strikes without approval, far too many of them killing innocent civilians.

Obama NEVER sought approval from Congress for these drone strikes.

Soleimani was a target of opportunity, a terrorist, one of the worst of our time, and he needed to be got and Trump got him.

My favorite part of the rally speech, which you will see below, is when he called Adam Schiff a pencil neck…

While liberals and other Democrats have chimed in, the response we really want to hear is from Pelosi and Schiff, but neither of them has publicly made a statement as of yet.

When they do, they will make a statement akin of saying their feelings are hurt or Trump is not presidential, but who cares?!

Trump is not there to be liked; he is there to represent We the People and he is doing a far better job of that than any single member of the Democrat party right now.

Source: Newsweek

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