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Democrats Furious Trump Still Considering Sanctuary City Immigration Plan

Democrats, this week, have been making a big deal about a proposed plan by the Trump administration that never happened.

The outrage is over a proposal to drop illegal immigrants being released by ICE into sanctuary cities.

Trump, who always enjoys poking a bear, put the proposal back on the table on Friday to send Democrats into an epic tizzy.

The Policy Was Dismissed

The policy in question was put on the table when discussions were going on about what to do with the overwhelming amount of illegals trying to come into this country.

The suggestion was made to transport illegals to sanctuary cities and release them there.

While liberals and Democrats in office are outraged over the proposal, most conservatives, and apparently the President, believe it makes perfect sense.

After all, if people like Pelosi are going to make legislation to help illegals and turn their entire state into a sanctuary state, doesn’t it make sense to release the illegals where would be welcome rather than a place where they would face hostility?

Democrat Outrage

The proposal, as stated earlier, was discussed and dismissed by administration officials.

However, when word of the proposal was made public, Democrats in office were furious.

Trump being Trump, he decided to really get them riled up on Friday by saying the plan actually was not off the table and was still being seriously considered…

Trump doubled down on that statement later while talking to the media at the White House.

Trump stated, “We can give them an unlimited supply… let’s see if they have open arms.”

It was actually rather amazing he managed to keep a straight face when he said it.

While conservatives, especially in states and cities that are not providing sanctuary for illegals, would love to see this happen, realistically, it will not.

There are apparently some rather significant legal repercussions to such a policy, which is why Deputy ICE Director Matt Albence recommended against implementing the policy.

Besides, we all know if the administration decided to go forward with this, it would end up in the 9th Circuit Court, where liberal judges would shoot it down.

We do have to ask, though, Mrs. Pelosi, if you love illegals so much and want to help and protect them, why are you so upset about thousands of them being dumped into your state?

You can read the full report on Fox News.

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