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Democrats Slam Barr Over Release of Mueller Report

Attorney General Barr has been open, honest, and to this point, done everything by the book, which has completely infuriated the Democrat party.

That has resulted in Barr being harshly criticized by Democrat leadership and calls for his immediate resignation.

Top Dems Want Mueller

Democrats no longer want to hear what Barr has to say and are now requesting Mueller appear before a slew of House committees so they can get a first-hand summary of the investigation.

Once again, Democrats are partaking in political theater simply because Barr is following the letter of the law.

If Mueller were to testify before these committees, he would not be able to comment on the redacted information in the report anyway.

In the process, Democrat leadership is shredding the reputation of William Barr…

Discussing Report with White House

Both the media and Democrats are furious at two things Barr did here.

First and foremost, Barr held a press conference before releasing the report.

Considering the amount of redacted information that needed to be explained, this is perfectly understandable.

Secondly, Barr reportedly met with the Justice Department and White House for clarification on certain issues not decided by Mueller.

Again, if Mueller was leaving it up to Barr to make the final decision, why wouldn’t Barr discuss the findings with the President to make an informed decision?

Now that the report is public, it is my best guess that it will not change firm Trump supporters minds or those adamantly against Trump.

For those in the middle, it is very likely they will now get sick and tired of Democrats more worried about political theater than the health of this country.

I do find it rather ironic, though, that after two years of Democrats calling out Trump over his comments about Mueller during the investigation, it took them all of a minute to lash out to try to destroy the career of Barr simply because they don’t like the fact he decided Trump did nothing illegal.

Get ready for the long haul though, patriots, because Dems will do everything in their power to drag this out through the 2020 elections and beyond, especially if Trump wins re-election.

Source: USA Today

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