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Dems Threaten Jail Time for Trump Officials

The war is now officially underway.

While Dems and Trump have been jockeying for position for months, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) has taken it to a new threat level by promising to put Trump officials not complying with House subpoenas in jail.

The Threat

Various House committees are sending out subpoenas to Trump officials to testify before their respective committees.

It has gotten so bad at this point, virtually every committee in the House is vying to get a piece of something they can investigate Trump on.

Rep. Connolly, who is a member of the House Oversight Committee, has all but waged war on the administration, stating, “We’re going to resist, and if a subpoena is issued and you’re told you must testify, we will back that up.

“And we will use any and all power in our command to make sure it’s backed up – whether that’s a contempt citation, whether that’s going to court and getting that citation enforced, whether it’s fines, whether it’s incarceration.

“We will go to the max to enforce the constitutional role of the legislative branch of government.”

Fighting Back

Connolly better dig in, because the Trump administration is adamant it is going to fight any and all subpoenas issued in this dogfight.

Trump stated, “We’re fighting all the subpoenas.

“These aren’t like impartial people.

“The Democrats are trying to win 2020.

“They’re not going to win with the people I see and they’re not going to win against me.”

One of the administration officials Congress is becoming more and more curious about is Stephen Miller.

The media painted him as one of Trump’s top advisors and the architect behind Trump’s immigration plan.

They have also portrayed him a white nationalist.

Connolly stated, “We want to hear from him, what is your thinking, what is that you’ve been advising the President, and where is it you think you’re going to be taking us as a country with these kinds of policies and personnel changes?”

We know from experience this will not be an informative session but rather an interrogation that will be aimed at proving the media true.

You can read the full report on CNN.

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