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Did Elizabeth Warren Just Get Caught in Another Lie About Her Past ‘Struggles’?

Elizabeth Warren’s entire political career seems to be centered around two major talking points.

First, she is a Native American. Second, she was forced out of a teaching position because she was pregnant.

The first point has been somewhat debunked already and now her second point seems to be bogus as well.

Keep Telling Those Lies

Warren’s claims and reprimands for claiming to be Native American are well-documented at this point, so I am not going to waste your time or mine rehashing them just to fill white space.

However, this new claim really brings her credibility and honesty into question, even more so than the Native American tale she has been telling for years.

For years, Warren has been telling a story of how she was fired in the 1970s because she started to visibly show from her pregnancy.

Some right-wing media outlets have been doing some digging and it now appears as though Warren is spinning a bit of a yarn when it comes to exactly why she left that position.

In 2007, Warren did an interview where she cast doubt on her own story.

In that interview, she claimed, “I went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and said, ‘I don’t think this is going to work out for me.’

“I was pregnant with my first baby, so I had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years and I was really casting about, thinking, ‘What am I going to do?'”

Records from that time period show that Warren was offered an extension on her contract, but that she offered her resignation and it was “accepted with regret” by the school.

Warren is not backing off her previous version, though, insisting the principal of the school addressed her privately and told her that since she was pregnant, her job was going to someone else…

There is no proof of her claim, naturally, so we only have her word and the actual paper trail that exists.

Amazingly, Warren is getting a free ride from most media outlets on this and is only providing a story rather than facing hard-hitting questions about her shady past.

She is being given much the same kid-glove treatment that Joe Biden has been receiving by the media regarding the activities of his son in Ukraine and China.

Quite frankly, it is disturbing how far the media is willing to go to protect these chosen few while at the same time regularly printing unverified allegations about Trump and members of his family.

Even if you don’t support Trump, you must be able to see how just how wrong the state of today’s mainstream media is right now.

Source: Fox News

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