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Disgruntled Former Republican May Derail Stimulus Package in the House

Remember the disgruntled Republican from Michigan that left the party during the impeachment?

Well, he’s back, and he is now threatening to singlehandedly derail the much-needed coronavirus stimulus package.

Throwing a Tantrum

Rep. Amash (I-MI) is a former Tea Party Republican who threw a hissy fit during the impeachment of Donald Trump.

He was so outraged by Trump’s alleged actions that he left the party and is now an Independent.

As American workers and small business owners wait on the stimulus package to keep their heads above water, Amash is now threatening to derail everything with a single “no” vote.

From the reports we have seen so far, the Senate has agreed on the terms of the stimulus package.

This occurred after a deal was thought to be in place over the weekend, but soon got derailed by a wish list presented by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) jumped on board, but now everyone seems to have come to terms.

Even though Pelosi wanted to pack the legislation with poison pills and McConnell stood firm to not allow that to happen, Pelosi seems to have caved and has offered very tepid support of the bill.

The Senate is expected to make a procedural vote later today and if that passes, the document will have to be written, then voted on in the Senate, all formalities according to reports.

Pelosi is reportedly ready to offer a unanimous consent on the legislation once reviewed rather than call the entire House back into session.

Rep. Amash, though, tweeted out that he does not like the bill as is sounds as though he is considering not giving his consent on the bill.

As a member in attendance, only a single vote is needed to derail it, which is what it sounds like he plans on doing.

Earlier today, Amash sent out this tweet…

Now, that does not sound like someone ready to push through a piece of legislation on unanimous consent.

We are realistically weeks away from seeing any compensation from this bill and IF Amash shoots it down, who knows what Dems will do to the legislation once it comes up for a formal debate and vote in the House.

So, for all of those workers staring down at a mortgage payment, credit card bill, or loan they can’t make right now and for all those small business owners who may have to shutter their business permanently if they don’t get help soon, realize that one man is the reason all this is happening and his name is Justin Amash.

Source: National Review

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